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all about SKINCARE

Where is it?


All Appointments are carried out at Elizabeth May Studios, 7 Stanley Way, Orpington, BR5 2HE. 

When are Skincare Appointments Available? 

Weekdays and Sundays upon request. 

No Skincare appointments will be carried out on Saturdays due to Make Up Appointments.

If you book a Saturday for skincare on the booking system your appointment will be cancelled so please do contact Melanie prior if your appointment is for a Sunday requested.

Can I have a consultation?


Yes! Free skincare consultations are offered to all clients. It takes approx. 15 minutes to discuss your skin type and any complaints. Please arrive with no make-up on so skin can be analysed properly.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes - 15% of the treatment cost which will be deducted on the day

What if I have allergies or sensitive skin?


This will be discussed at your appointment. Depending on treatment, you may need a patch test.

Do I fill out any forms?


Yes. Please arrive 10 minutes early if you are a new patient to fill out consultation forms.

Can I have a facial if I am pregnant?


All pregnant women must advise they are pregnant post treatment due to the nature of the treatment. Please let me know when booking as the treatment may not be suitable for you if this is the case. Discretion and data protection apply here.

What about pre-care and aftercare?

See all pre and aftercare here.

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